Photographs of the amazing Smoky Mountains.

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The Smoky Mountains were aptly named. We’ve seen some wonderful views, showing the layers of blue mountains. Here are some of our favorites.

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASerendipity. Couldn’t have planned this in a million years. Looking for Bluegrass venues and we found one in the outskirts of Nashville. It calls itself ‘Larry’s Grand Ole Garage’ and was started in 2000 as an ‘Acoustic Only’ Bluegrass location running weekly concerts with a wide international following (we are told) via their live online streaming website. The owner found out Colin was a musician, and invited him to play in the first half of the program. With a little practice in a back room, a guitar and bass accompanied Colin. Then onstage. Great! During the half time intermission, Cheryl said to the owner, “I play flute and Colin and I play duets.” So during the last bit of the program, we both went on stage. “Live, on stage, in Nashville.” OK, it wasn’t the Grand Ole Opry, but it sure was fun.

Movies coming soon as we access a high speed Internet connection!

P.S. Many of you have commented that there’s no picture of Cheryl playing on stage! That’s because she was busy playing her flute. When we get the movies uploaded, then you will see her.